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Experience something extraordinary with our handcrafted Goat Milk Soap! This luxurious lather isn't just a treat for the senses, it's good for your skin too! Our gentle cleansing soap is made with nourishing goat milk, plus, it's a delightfully scented way to keep your skin feeling clean and refreshed. So don't think twice, pamper your skin with something truly special!

Net weight 5 ounces.

coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil, glycerin, goat milk, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, oat protein, titanium dioxide, fragrance, mica

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13 ghosts pumpkin + fall leaves + harvest bonfire
47 meters down birthday cake + butta cookie + cotton candy
7 rings rainbow sherbet + fizzy pop
7 up pound cake pound cake + zing of lemon lime + sweet icing


a nightmare on elm street coffee + butterscotch + shortbread cookies
a rock & a hard place spun sugar + sweet lavender + vanilla cream
a thousand wishes type champagne + crystal peony + almond creme - inspired by b&bw
academy of unseen arts crisp apple + fresh eucalyptus
the addams family bonfire + cider + fall leaves
addicted to love palo santo + vanilla ice cream
after midnight lavender pound cake
alfred pennyworth fresh brewed coffee + sweet marshmallows
alien type plum + melon + white florals + cashmere woods - inspired by thierry mugler
all hallow's eve pumpkin + orange + berries + fall spices
alter ego vanilla sandalwood + raspberry + sparkling bubbly
altered carbon charred vanilla
amazing grace type white florals + sheer musk - inspired by philosophy
the amazing race palo santo + aged woods + campfire
amber romance type sandalwood + amber + musk - inspired by victoria's secret
amity island bonfire + pineapple + coconut
ancient incense sage leaf + cedar + rosewood + frankincense
andromeda pumpkin pecan waffles + fallen leaves + marshmallow fireside
annabelle cotton candy + honeydew melon
annie wilkes bonfire + pink sugar + toasty mallow
apple blossom pale pink blossoms + slightly fruity
apple turnover bakery dough + apple + cinnamon sugar
aqua di gio type masculine + fresh + aquatic - inspired by armani
aquarius red apple + driftwood + vetiver
arctic blast peppermint + crisp cold air
argan magic citrus + light florals + exotic woods + sheer musk
aries mint + vanilla bean + rosemary
autumn day type earthen oak + citrus + golden amber - inspired by b&bw
avobath type lemongrass + bergamot + rosewood - inspired by lush


the babadook strawberry jam + waffle cone + pink sugar
baby i'm a star lavender + mint + cotton candy
baby powder strong + delicate + powdery
baccarat rouge 540 type jasmine + saffron + cedarwood + ambergris - inspired by maison francis
baked apple bread baked bread + sweet apple + spice
baker's dozen scrumptious vanilla cookies + candied sprinkles
banana sweet banana
banana coconut mashed bananas + coconut milk
banana cream pie sliced bananas + vanilla cream + pie crust
banana nut bread walnuts + banana + spiced vanilla
banana thumbprint cookies banana jam filled cookies
barbershop This scent brings back memories from my childhood! shaving cream + aftershave
bates motel glazed strawberry cookies
beach nights type   roasted mallow + sea salt breeze + chocolate amber - inspired by b&bw
beach please strawberry + coconut + lemon candy
bear claws pastries + almond + sticky icing
beetlejuice lemon + spearmint + peppermint
bell bottoms strawberry + kettle korn + waffle cone
belters key lime pie + strawberry + vanilla wafers
bergamot rosewood citrus + patchouli + geranium + golden amber
bergamot waters type bergamot + blue waters + sandalwood - inspired by b&bw
berried treasure fresh cut grass + lemon + strawberry
best damn cinnamon So good! So strong! cinnamon + hint of vanilla
better days sweet orange + tart red berries
bewitched balsam + patchouli + light florals + a touch of herbs + smoked woods
bibbo the clown melons + cotton candy + taffy
big brother juicy grape + fizzy pop
bikini bottom watermelon + cantaloupe + strawberry
billy the puppet boardwalk marshmallow clouds + sugar cookie
birthday cake vanilla cake + buttercream + rainbow sprinkles
biscuits & jam fresh bread + blackberry jam 
black canyon musk + light florals + exotic woods + patchouli
black cedar juniper type rain + cedarwood + moss - inspired by jo malone
black cherry sweet black cherry
black cherry merlot type red cherry + black raspberry + sweet merlot - inspired by b&bw
black coconut type creamy coconut + island blossoms - inspired by yankee
black linen Clean cotton with a dark side! clean linens + dark amber
black mirror white chocolate sugar cookie
black panther soft rose + sugared lemon
black raspberry vanilla type raspberry + blackberry + creamy vanilla - inspired by b&bw
black sugar type vanilla + raspberry + sandalwood - inspired by aquolina
blackberry fresh blackberry
blackberry & bay type blackberry + fresh bay leaf - inspired by jo malone
blackberry frankincense sweet blackberry + earthy frankincense
blackberry incense blackberry + patchouli + musk
blackberry jam butta cookie butter cookies + blackberry jam
blackberry magnolia blackberry + magnolia + apple
blackberry plum sweet blackberry + sugar plum
blackberry thumbprint cookies blackberry jam filled cookies
blinding lights georgia peach + berries + violet
bloodlines fresh coffee + sugar cookie + whipped cream
blue agave & cacao type exotic florals + dark cocoa - inspired by jo malone
blue moon downy clean breeze + toasty mallow
blue raspberry sweet + fruity + summery
blue ribbon cookies award winning baked vanilla cookies
blue ribbon waffles blue ribbon cookies + pumpkin waffles
blue spruce just like a spruce tree
blue sugar type tonka bean + blue cotton candy + exotic woods - inspired by aquolina
blueberries & cream delicious blueberry + vanilla cream
blueberry fresh + sweet blueberry
blueberry cheesecake blueberry + cheesecake + graham cracker
blueberry cookies blueberry + cookie dough
blueberry pops So good! sweet blueberry + creamy cake
boardwalk marshmallow clouds type marshmallow cream + magnolia blossom + sandalwood - inspired by b&bw
boardwalk taffy type spun sugar + pink berries + whipped vanilla - inspired by b&bw
bom dia bright type black plum + black currant + orchid + vanilla woods + amber musk - inspired by sol de janeiro
boo berry Sweet delight! blueberry + strawberry + vanilla
book of spells raspberry + sweet melon + feminine florals
book report mango sorbet + red cherry
brienne of tarth sweet blueberry + lemon verbena
brown sugar fig type brown sugar + fig + orchid + sandalwood - inspired by b&bw
brown sugar pound cake pecans + brown sugar + toasted almond
bum bum type pistachio + vanilla caramel + jasmine + sandalwood - inspired by sol de janeiro
burn book charred woods + lavender chamomile + orange blossom + oakmoss
burning leaves smoldering embers + damp earth + leaves
butta cookie Great for blending! danish butter cookies
buttercream crunch sweet vanilla + melted butter + shredded coconut
buttermint buttery after dinner mints


cabana coconut coconut shreds + cocoa bean + brown sugar + amber
cabin fever pineapple + strawberry + orange juice
cabin in the woods cedar + fall spices + winter air
cactus sea salt vibrant green notes + fresh sea spray
caddy shack mandarin orange + pineapple + watermelon
calacas type lime + neroli - inspired by lush
calvin & hobbes exotic fruits + tropical florals + salty ocean air
camp crystal lake orange juice + deep blue sea
candied apples sweetly spiced apple + cotton candy
candyland peppermint + spun sugar + sugar cookies
capt james holden cornbread muffin + creme brulee
captain america old-fashioned vanilla shortbread cookie
captain spaulding blue sugar + vanilla bean noel
caramel apple crisp green apple + buttery caramel
caramel banana banana + gooey caramel + ground cinnamon
caramel macchiato caramel + vanilla + coffee
cashmere cream type velvety cashmere + vanilla + white tea - inspired by b&bw
cashmere woods type cedar + amber + musk - inspired by glade
cassiopeia strawberry + cornbread + toasty mallow
castle rock ocean spray + lavender + melon
catwoman oatmeal cookie + pumpkin frosting + sweet lavender
celtic mist teak + frankincense + cashmere vanilla
celtic moon spice cinnamon + nutmeg + clove
central perk fresh coffee + pistachio cake
cereal marshmallow bar type fresh milk + fluffy mallows + cereal bits - inspired by b&bw
champagne vanilla bubbly champagne + vanilla bean
channel surfer cherry cotton candy
charmed life watermelon lemonade
chasing waterfalls creamy coconut + zesty limes
cheer squad strawberry + blueberry + raspberry + vanilla
cherry cola cake sweet cherry + fizzy cola + velvety cake
cherry slush the ultimate fizzy cherry
cherry tobacco sweet tobacco + red cherry
chocolate fudge cake chocolate cake + fudge icing
christmas tradition clove spiced orange + cinnamon spiced vanilla
christmas tree cypress + fir tree + eucalyptus + clove spice
cider lane type warm spiced apple cider - inspired by b&bw
cinderella pink sugar + lavender + linens
cinna strudel pastry goodness + cinnamon + vanilla
cinnamon apple cinnamon spiced apple
cinnamon broom just like the cinnamon brooms at the craft stores
cinnamon sugar sugar crystals + cinnamon powder
citron cedarwood type white cedar + fresh citrus + green moss - inspired by b&bw
clean cotton fresh laundry hanging out to dry in a light summer breeze
clever girl cherry + strawberry + raspberry + sparkling bubbly
clothes pins a fresh & clean laundry drying on the line
coastal cypress ocean breeze + blonde woods + oakmoss
coastal kale breezy citrus + sweet greens + clear blue waters
cocoa butta cashmere cocoa butter + soft woods + coconut
coconut fresh creamy coconut
coconut bay tropical sweet coconut
coconut butter toasted coconut + vanilla bean + caramel
coconut cream pie coconut vanilla cream
coconut leaves type coconut husk + exotic fruits + palm leaves - inspired by b&bw
coconut shea coconut + shea butter + driftwood
coconut shortbread cookies shaved coconut + shortbread cookies + sugar crystals
coffee brulee fresh coffee + creme brulee
coffee ice cream A frozen java delight! brewed coffee + vanilla ice cream
cola bubbly soda pop
comfort zone bergamot + winter apple + violet + mahogany
commander pumpkin + apple + maple + cornbread
constantine fallen leaves + cider lane + blue ribbon cookies
control your chaos lavender + frankincense + sage
cool water type masculine + aquatic + lavender + mint - inspired by davidoff
copper coconut type coconut + sea salt + tropical amber  - inspired by b&bw
cornbread Just like Grandma used to make. buttery cornbread muffins
cosmic glitter a shiny happy blend of citrus + fruits
cotton blossom line-dried laundry + spring blooms
cotton candy spun sugar + vanilla + berries
cover to cover frasier fir + winter citrus + spiced vanilla
cowardly lion strawberry pound cake + cupcakes @ tiffany's
cranberry bog bold cranberry + spiced vanilla
cream cheese icing butter + sugar + cream cheese
cream soda bubbly + caramelized sugar + vanilla cream
creamy pumpkin harvest pumpkin + creamy vanilla
creepshow apple + balsam + patchouli
creme brulee vanilla custard + caramelized sugar
cross my heart red wine + black cherry + warm spices + cherrywood
crushed candy cane sugared peppermint
crypt keeper blood orange + oak moss + amber
cucumber cantaloupe juicy cantaloupe + crisp cucumber
cucumber melon type crisp cucumber + sweet melon - inspired by b&bw
cupcakes & cocktails fizzy pop + raspberry + vanilla cupcake
cupcakes @ freddy's coffee + butterscotch + cupcakes @ tiffany's
cupcakes @ tiffany's vanilla cupcake + buttercream + hint of chocolate
custard creamy vanilla custard


dad jokes salty ocean spray + blue sugar
daredevil toasty mallow + fall leaves + autumn embers
dark kiss type black raspberry + burgundy rose + dark vanilla bean - inspired by b&bw
dark patchouli a strong earthy patchouli
darling nikki melon + kiwi + citrus
darth vader marshmallow chocolate
daydreamer vanilla ice cream + rose + musk
daywalker super fizzy & fruity cherry
death & decay type jasmine + ylang ylang + rose - inspired by lush
deep blue sea cool salty sea spray
demons & darlings caramel apple cupcake + mallow whip
deputy dewey blackberry + lavender
dirt Well... yeah, it smells like dirt
disco lemonade tart + sweet lemonade
doctor sleep bum bum + boardwalk marshmallow clouds + sugared lavender
doctor strange herbal sage + fresh mint + lavender
domestic goddess fresh laundry + melon + citrus
dorian gray leather + sage + sandalwood
down the rabbit hole gain island fresh + lavender + vanilla bean
downy clean breeze My favorite Downy dryer sheet scent! So fresh and clean.
draco marshmallow fireside + coconut + coastal kale
dracula's tomb mahogany + teakwood + oak + lavender
dragon's blood resinous ambers + aromatic woods