About Me

There are two reasons why I started That Smell Good Shop.

The first reason is because I love scented wax. I love anything that pleases my nose. My Grandfather was a candlemaker and during the early 1980s I would spend lots of time in his garage with him watching and helping him make candles and smelling all of his fragrances. You might say I was raised to love smell-good things. My Grandfather passed away several years ago and Grandma gave me all of his candle making supplies. At first I didn't know what to do with all of it. I was working a full time corporate job with two very young children. I had my hands full. Then in early 2008 during the recession, my employer cinched its belt tight enough to give me all the extra time I needed to think about what to do with Grandpa's candle making stuff. I decided to start experimenting, researching, testing...

The second reason is because I was a huge BBW fan. I know, right? I went there every couple of weeks to buy something - even if I didn't need it. When I was pregnant with my second son, my feet swelled up to Michelin Man proportions and the skin on my heels cracked open into painful, gaping fissures. I tried every product BBW had for feet and heels. Nothing worked. I was so disappointed. For the next couple of years I worked at my corporate job walking gingerly with no relief in sight...

So, That Smell Good Shop was brought to life. My mother and I started spreading our smelly goodness with candles. We researched waxes, wicks, additives, and oils and performed many tests to formulate the perfect candle with excellent burn qualities and strong hot and cold scent throw. We perfected our candles and went on to pursue creating the best wax melts.

As we made each melt, our scent addiction grew stronger. We wanted to make even more smelly goodness. So we did a lot of research and began to formulate recipes for our bath and body line. We carefully selected specific ingredients for specific benefits. One of the first products I wanted to develop was a cream that would actually heal my heels. After some recipe formulations and some testing, we introduced our Whipped Butter. Since I started using my butter the only cracks my heels have seen are the cracks in the sidewalks. With the success of our butter under our belts, we struck out to develop other bath and body products to soothe and nurture the rest of our bodies.

And here we are today. We make a wide assortment of products in both our bath and body and our wax lines. Each product is designed to be good for your nose, good for your mind, and good for your body.