Restock Schedule


Limited Release restocks include Limited Release blends that are available in almost all RTS products (bath & body and non-bath & body). These restocks also include customer blends and other custom order overpours, and a few customer requests if time allows. These restocks are done every month on the second Saturday at noon EST.

Regular restocks do not usually include Limited Release blends, however they will include customer blends and other custom order overpours, and quite a few customer requests (as many as I can pour in two weeks). These restocks are done every month on the 4th Saturday at noon EST.


Restocks occur on the second and fourth Saturdays at 12 pm EST (11 CST, 10 MST, 9 PST)


The website is always open with ready to pickup/ship inventory.

Restocks will occur on the second and fourth Saturdays at 12 pm EST (11 CST, 10 MST, 9 PST). I will announce the restock opening on my Instagram account, my Facebook account, my Facebook group, and I will also send out a newsletter. Make sure you're following or subscribing to get notifications. If the restock is going to be earlier or later because of a schedule conflict, I will announce it on Instagram and Facebook. 


The Limited Release restocks will center around limited edition themed/seasonal scent blends. I am going to offer several themed scent blends for each restock. These scent blends will be available in as many products as is appropriate. 

I will make items in these limited edition blends and list them on the website as in stock (ready to pickup/ship). The inventory loaded is all that there is for each scent. Once inventory is gone, the limited edition scent blends will no longer be available (unless they are brought back during a subsequent restock or are added to my regular line up).

On the morning of the restock, I will make the products with inventory updates unavailable on the website to avoid anyone making purchases while I am trying to upload the new inventory. At 12 noon EST, those updated products will be made available for shopping.

The Scent Descriptions will be updated with these limited edition blends. Limited edition blends are noted with asterisks (**). If the scent has asterisks, then that blend can only be ordered when it is available as ready to ship. These LIMITED EDITION blends will not be available for custom ordering or blending.

Feel free to drop me an email or post up in our group with any scent requests you have for each restock. I will work to add customer requests as time allows for each restock.


During the weeks before the inventory restock, I will announce the blends that will be made available during the restock as well as the descriptions.


And finally… custom orders! 12 packs, 36 packs, 12 pack blenders, and 36 pack blenders can be ordered all the time without limit.


Current order TAT is posted at the top of the home page.


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