July 1, 2021

Inventory Restock Limited Releases

BIBBO THE CLOWN melons + cotton candy + taffy

BILLY THE PUPPET boardwalk marshmallow clouds + sugar cookie

CAPT JAMES HOLDEN cornbread muffins + creme brulee

CAPTAIN SPAULDING blue sugar + vanilla bean noel

DAYDREAMER vanilla ice cream + rose + musk

MALEFICENT strawberry + raspberry + citrus

NEEDLES KANE lord of misrule + marshmallow fireside

PLUCKY PENNYWHISTLE serendipity + waffle cone

SIDNEY PRESCOTT blackberry + mango + fizzy

THE VIOLATOR cherries + lime + cotton candy

TWISTY THE CLOWN spruce trees + fresh baked cookies

WAFFLE LATTE belgian waffles + sweet pumpkin + caramel latte

ZEEBO buttery spiced pumpkin + marshmallows