5.25.2024 Customer Request Pour List

Theme : Customer Blends
Restock Date : 5.25.2024
Time : 12 pm ET (11 am CT, 10 am MT, 9 am PT, 8 am AT, 7 am HT)
Updated: 5.23.2024 - FINAL

CR = customer request

Scent Descriptions are here!




birthday cake / lemon curd / cotton candy
blackberry jam butta cookie / serendipity / warm vanilla sugar
crushed candy cane / serendipity / ice cream bread
dark patchouli / sandalwood / coconut
lemon curd / ultimate lemon / pumpkin souffle / butta cookie
love spell / fruity pebbles
mallow puffs / strawberry jam / tea & cakes
serendipity / frosted animal cookies / ice queen
snickerdoodle / zucchini bread / cream cheese icing


alien type - jasmine sambac, cashmere wood, white amber
all hallow's eve
- pumpkin, orange, berries, fall spices
amber romance type - sour cherry, custard, sandalwood
amethyst - fruity raspberry, sweet lime
amity island - beach bonfire, pineapple, coconut
apple turnover
- bakery dough, sweet apple, cinnamon sugar
baby i'm a star
- lavender, mint, cotton candy
baked apple bread
- baked bread, spiced apple CR
bates motel - glazed strawberry cookies CR
beach nights type - toasty mallow, sea salt breeze, s'mores, beach driftwood, vanilla cream
beach please - strawberry, coconut, lemon candies
bedtime bath type - lilies, jasmine, rose, lavender chamomile
- lemon citrus, spearmint, peppermint
belters - key lime pie, strawberry, vanilla wafer
bergamot waters type - bergamot, blue waters, sugared citrus, sandalwood
berried treasure - fresh cut grass, sweet lemon, strawberry CR
better days - sweet oranges, tart red berries
bibbo the clown - melons, cotton candy, strawberry taffy CR
bikini bottom - watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry CR
billy the puppet
- marshmallow, magnolia, sandalwood, sugar cookie CR
blue crush
- mallow puffs, ocean spray, blackberry CR
brienne of tarth - sweet blueberry, lemon verbena CR
bubble gum - juicy pink bubble gum
buffalo bill
- cactus sea salt, lemongrass
burn book - charred woods, lavender chamomile, orange blossom, oakmoss
burning leaves
- smoldering embers, damp earth, leaves
caddy shack
- mandarin orange, pineapple, watermelon
camp crystal lake - orange juice, deep blue sea CR
castle rock - ocean spray, lavender, melon
charmed life - watermelon lemonade CR
chasing waterfalls - creamy coconut, zesty limes
cherry limeade - sweet cherries, zesty limes CR
cherry slush
- the ultimate fizzy cherry
cider lane type - caramel, green apple, brown sugar, clove CR
cinnamon oatmeal cookie - cinnamon sugar, oatmeal cookie dough CR
cloud nine
- lemonade, lavender, creamy coconut
club dread - ocean breeze, pineapple, coconut
coastal cypress - ocean breeze, blonde woods, oakmoss
coastal kale - citrus, sweet greens, clear blue waters
coconut bay - tropical sweet coconut cream
coffee ice cream - coffee, vanilla ice cream
- pumpkin, apple, maple, cornbread
- buttery cornbread muffins
cowardly lion - strawberry pound cake, cupcakes @ tiffany's
cranberry bog
- bold cranberry, spiced vanilla
- super fizzy & fruity cherry
deadly nightshade - lavender, vanilla, lime
deep blue sea - cool salty sea spray
demons & darlings - caramel apple cupcake, mallow whip
- citrus, salty sea air, cotton candy
drunken pear - juicy pear, warm brandy liqueur
express yourself - cake, marshmallow, strawberry CR
fake clean - a lemony household cleaner
farmhouse cider - gingered citrus, berries, apple
final girl
- sherbet, orange crush, citrus fizz
finders keepers - apple cider, mallow, cookies CR
fresh baked bread - slow rising dough, crispy crust CR
fright factory
- cashmere cream, blue sugar, sugar plum
fuzzy socks
- lemon eucalyptus
georgia peach - like a basket of fresh peaches
glazed donuts - warm doughnuts, sugary glaze
golden sands
type - sandalwood, orange flower, tonka bean CR
gooey apple zucchini
- apple, caramel, zucchini bread CR
grapity grape - grape, grape, and more grape
handbook for the recently deceased
- pineapple, coconut, juniper, soft suede
haunted mansion - sweet apple, dried leaves, dark wood
headless horseman - salty sea spray, shaving cream, aftershave
high maintenance - sea salt, sea kelp, ozone
hobgoblin - iced lemon vanilla cookie CR
honey buttered rolls - dinner rolls, spiced honey butter CR
i drink & i know things
- apple cider, vanilla bean, spiced amber
iced orange dipity
- cherry vanilla, coconut, iced orange bakery CR
iced orange zucchini
- orange, zucchini bread, sweet icing
jericho - pumpkin pie spices, buttered rum, tonka bean
- iced pastries, zucchini bread, sugar cookie
key lime pie
- key lime filling, graham cracker crust CR
krampus - sugar cookie, vanilla bean, waffle cone, spruce tree
lake placid
- sweet grass, ocean breeze
lattes by the fire - coffee, caramel, fireplace
lemon mint leaf
type - lemon zest, spearmint, verbena
lemon sugar rush - baked cookies, lemon marmalade
lemongrass tangerine - tangerine, herbal lemongrass
limelight - strawberry margarita
little mermaid - blue sugar, deep blue sea, strawberry cake
little red riding hood - strawberry pound cake, cotton candy, sugar cookie
loopy pistachio bread
- fruit loops, pistachio, zucchini bread CR
love, don't be shy
type - orange blossom, honeysuckle, marshmallow
magic & mischief
- vanilla bean sandalwood
mario & luigi
- pink sugar, blue sugar, velvet sugar CR
nag champa
- champa flowers, earthy spices, aromatic resins
- sea salt, citrus, tropical florals, driftwood
open water - coconut cream, toasted praline, baked cookies CR
- cocoa butta cashmere, cashmere woods, cashmere cream
pink boxers
- pink sugar, clean linens
pink cookies
- baked cookies, pink sugar
pink lemons
- pink sugar, ultimate lemon
pink sugar type - cotton candy, lemon drop, raspberry jam
pink swirl cake
- luscious vanilla cake with pink icing
pink vanilla mallows
- pink sugar, gooey vanilla
- pistachio sugar cookie CR
pumpkin peanut brittle
type - brittle, peanuts, pumpkin seeds CR
pumpkin pecan waffles
type - maple waffles, pumpkin spice, brown sugared pecans
- honeydew, ocean breeze, coconut cream
raspberry lemonade - juicy raspberry, tart lemonade
remember the cant - vanilla, browned butter, cinnamon sugar CR
rocket pop
- blue raspberry, iced lemon, cherry slush CR
room 1408
- lemon lavender
rosewater lemonade - soft rose, sugared lemons
ruby slippers - strawberry, gain island fresh
sacred heart hospital
- sugared lemon, vanilla, cotton candy
scarlet witch - apple cinnamon, fresh bread
scream queens
- honeydew, watermelon, taffy CR
sea side spa
- ocean breeze, lavender, cucumber
sharknado - salty coastal breeze, citrusy florals, driftwood CR
sheer seduction
- violet, kiwi, grapefruit
sidney prescott - blackberry, mango, fizzy
sin city - lemongrass, rosewood, black raspberry
smoke & mirrors - boardwalk mallow clouds, lemon pound cake CR
stab 3
- strawberry cake, vanilla wafers, pretzel CR
- sun fresh strawberries CR
strawberry muffins
- strawberry, sweet corn muffins CR
strawberry zucchini - strawberry zucchini bread CR
sugared apple - baked apples dusted with powdered sugar
- cucumber, light fruits, seaweed
sweet winterberry - fruity berries, crisp winter air CR
tea & cakes
- brewed tea, almond cookies, twist of citrus
the babadook
- strawberry jam, waffle cone, pink sugar CR
the bell witch
- macerated strawberry, sugar cookie
the entire history of you
- apple cider donuts CR
the high priestess - strawberry vanilla
the spiteful mermaid of pyramid lake
- zucchini brickle, maple glazed apple CR
the violator
- red cherry, zesty lime, cotton candy
the white rabbit - birthday cake, peppermint, pink sugar
- tangy grapefruit, sweet mango
truly madly sweetly - sweet pastry, lemon custard, icing
ultimate lemon
- the most fabulous straight lemon
under the boardwalk - aged wood planks, citrus, sun, sand
vanilla bourbon type - creamy vanilla, kentucky bourbon
vicki vale
- pink sugar, cotton candy, waffle cone
victorian cleaning
- cotton linen, lemongrass, herbal notes
volcano type - tropical fruits, sugared citrus CR
wake up & be awesome
- sweet grapefruit, fresh orange
weird sisters - red cherry, iced lemon, marshmallow
winter candy apple type - apple, rose, candied oranges, maple leaf
winter linen
- orange blossom, fresh linen, jasmine, cashmere musk
wood sage & sea salt
type - salty sea air, driftwood, white sage
yellow brick road - warm vanilla sugar, sugar cookie, zucchini bread CR
zesty lemon zucchini
- zucchini bread, zesty lemon bits
zucchini bread - a sweet creamy baked bread CR
zucchini pastries
- iced pastries, zucchini bread

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