4.13.24 Wedding Season Restock

Theme : Wedding Season
Date : 4.13.2024
Time : 12 pm ET (11 am CT, 10 am MT, 9 am PT, 8 am AT, 7 am HT)

CR = customer request

Scent Descriptions are here!

UPDATED 4.12.2024


best man ** - salty sea breeze, sea grasses, earthy vetiver
bouquet toss ** - dusty rose, morning dew, fresh lavender
bride ** - cotton candy, pineapple, banana coconut, tonka bean
first dance ** - bergamot, peppercorn, jasmine, ylang ylang, vetiver
groom ** - black cardamom, smoky vanilla, shaving cream
maid of honor ** - strawberry pound cake, fresh coffee, butta cookie


47 meters down / key lime pie / strawberry cakes
7 up pound cake / strawberry / sugar cookie
beach nights / strawberry sugar rush / birthday cake
birthday cake / lavender / sweet bakery dough
blue ribbon cookies / ice cream bread / buttermint
blue ribbon cookies / sweet bakery dough / mallow puffs / sugar milk
blue sugar / palo santo / sweet bakery dough
blueberry / butta cookie / buttermint
bum bum / brown sugar pound cake / wild berry mousse
buttermint / cotton candy / mallow puffs / vanilla bean noel
clean cotton / cotton candy / mallow puffs
creme brulee / cream cheese icing / pinky promise / birthday cake
fresh coffee / snickerdoodle / zucchini bread
frosted pinecones / blue ribbon cookies / strawberry pound cake / cashmere cream
frosted pinecones / the seven
halcyon / watermelon candy / cotton candy
lavender / coffee ice cream
mallow puffs / fallen angel / fried pear cake
mallow puffs / thelma & louise
nightcrawler / mallow puffs
strawberry / sea salt & orchid / pink swirl cake
sword of destiny / barbershop / mallow puffs
white tea / blackberry & bay / lemon mint leaf


47 meters down - birthday cake, butta cookie, cotton candy
7 rings - rainbow sherbet, fizzy pop
a thousand wishes type - prosecco, peonies, amber, amaretto
addicted to love - palo santo, vanilla ice cream
alien type - jasmine sambac, cashmere wood, white amber
alter ego - vanilla sandalwood, raspberry, sparkling bubbly
andromeda - pumpkin waffles, fall leaves, marshmallow fireside
annabelle - cotton candy, honeydew melon
baby powder - strong, delicate, powdery
baccarat rouge 540 type - jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, ambergris
banana - sweet bananas
banana cream pie - bananas, vanilla cream, pie crust
barbershop - shaving cream, aftershave
beetlejuice - lemon, spearmint, peppermint
bell bottoms - strawberry, kettle korn, waffle cone
belters - key lime pie, strawberry, vanilla wafers
bibbo the clown - melons, cotton candy, taffy
bikini bottom - watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry
black cherry merlot type - black cherry, red wine, raspberry, plum
blackberry - fresh blackberry
blackberry & bay type - blackberry, fresh bay leaf
blackberry magnolia - blackberry, magnolia, apple
blackberry sugar rush - blackberry jam filled cookies
blade - sandalwood, palo santo, violet
bloodlines - coffee, sugar cookie, whipped cream
blue raspberry - sweet, fruity, summery
blue ribbon waffles - blue ribbon cookies, pumpkin waffles
blueberry - fresh, sweet blueberry
blueberry nut bread - banana nut bread, blueberry goodness
blueberry pops - blueberries, vanilla cake
book report - tangy mango, red cherry
brazilian crush type - caramel vanilla, macadamia, coconut blossom
bum bum type - pistachio, vanilla caramel, jasmine, sandalwood
burn book - charred wood, lavender chamomile, orange blossom, oakmoss
butta cookie - danish butter cookies
caramel apple - green apple, gooey caramel
caramel macchiato - caramel vanilla, fresh coffee
cassiopeia - strawberry cornbread, toasty mallow
celtic moon spice - cinnamon, nutmeg, clove
chasing waterfalls - creamy coconut, zesty limes
cherry cola cake - sweet cherry, fizzy cola, velvety cake
cherry tobacco - sweet tobacco, red cherry
cinderella - pink sugar, lavender, linens
cinnamon broom - like cinnamon brooms at craft stores
clean cotton - laundry hanging in a light summer breeze
clever girl - cherry, strawberry, raspberry, sparkling bubbly
clothes pins - fresh & clean laundry drying on the line
coconut cream pie - coconut custard, pie crust
coconut shortbread cookies - coconut shreds, shortbread cookies
cola - bubbly soda pop
constantine - fallen leaves, cider lane, blue ribbon cookies
copper coconut type - coconut, sea salt, tropical fruits
cotton blossom - line-dried laundry, spring blooms
cream soda - bubbly, caramelized sugar, vanilla
creepshow - apple, balsam, patchouli
cross my heart - red wine, black cherry, warm spices, cherrywood
crushed candy cane - sugared peppermint
demons & darlings - caramel apple cupcake, mallow whip
domestic goddess - fresh laundry, melons, citrus
exotic grapefruit - grapefruit, tropical sweetness
express yourself - vanilla cake, marshmallow cream, strawberry
fear factor - blueberry cream soda
fig - sweet fruity figs
fig vanilla - fruity fig, creamy vanilla
final girl - sherbet, orange crush, fizzy
fizzy pop - lemon lime fizzy soda
flower shop - like walking into a flower shop
freddy krueger - coffee, butterscotch, cream
french quarter beignet - deep fried fritter, confectioners sugar
fresh coffee - dark roasted coffee bean
fried pear cake - sweet pear, birthday cake, ice cream
frosted juniper - eucalyptus, winter citrus, berries, juniper
frosted pinecones - pine, spruce, spices
gadzooks! - sweet red cherry, zucchini bread
gain island fresh - tropical fruit, island flowers, laundry
gale weathers - velvet sugar, georgia peach
garden retreat - herbal green notes, garden soil
gardenia - aromatic blooming gardenia flowers
geralt of rivia - aquatic nuances, bergamot, neroli, rosemary, shaving cream
gooey apple zucchini - crisp apple, caramel zucchini bread
grandmother's house - egyptian musk, palo santo
harry potter - butterscotch, ice cream, cream soda
haunted mansion - sweet apple, dried leaves, dark wood
high beams - cinnamon sugar, blueberry cheesecake
hotel california - salty breezes, sweet citrus, cotton blossom
houndstooth - cardamom, tobacco, oud wood
i said what i said - palo santo, pumpkin bakery
ice queen - peppermint vanilla twist
iced orange zucchini - orange, zucchini bread, sweet icing
jinxed - zucchini pastries, sugar cookie
just a friend - blueberry, palo santo
kitchen sink bars - caramel, cinnamon, banana, cookie dough
lavender - an herbal lavender
lavender cream - lavender, berries, vanilla cream
leather jacket - masculine, well worn leather
leatherface - zucchini bread, caramel, butta cookie
lemon curd - tart lemon zest, vanilla extract, sweet vanilla cream
lemonade parade - strawberry, watermelon, tart lemonade
little red riding hood - strawberry pound cake, cotton candy, sugar cookie
losers club - palo santo, cola
mango sorbet - tart & sweet summer sorbet
mario & luigi - pink sugar, blue sugar, velvet sugar
marshmallow fireside type - toasty mallow, smoldering woods, vanilla
material girl - cotton candy lemonade
morpheus - sugar cookie, caramel, coconut
mr mercedes - palo santo, pomegranate, lavender
murder of crows - cozy fire, nutmeg, cinnamon
naomi nagata - coconut, pear, melon
nevermore - iced blueberry, cornbread muffins
nightcrawler - barbershop, palo santo
oogie boogie - bergamot, peppercorn, vetiver, cedar
orange crush - a fabulous orange refreshment
palo santo type - palo santo wood, warm amber, soft musk
peppermint - mint, mint, and more mint
pina colada - sweet pineapple juice, coconut cream
pink cookies - baked cookies, pink sugar
pink petal & tea cake type - berries, sugared rose, pound cake, buttercream
pink vanilla mallows - gooey vanilla, pink sugar
purple sage & mint - herbal sage, fresh mint
push it - clean linens, pistachio, sandalwood
rogue's gallery - leather bound books, suede, rosewood
satsuma type - satsuma, orange peel, vanilla musk
say my name - blackberry, raspberry, sparkling bubbly
scream queens - honeydew, watermelon, taffy
seven days - caramel banana butta cookie
silver surfer - peppermint, lavender, pink sugar
snickerdoodle - sugar cookies, cinnamon sugar
southern sunshine - florida orange, georgia peach
stay puft man - blueberry, strawberry, cotton candy
storm - lavender, vanilla bean, sweet mint
strawberry - sun fresh strawberries
strawberry raspberry - fruity strawberry, sweet raspberry
strawberry rhubarb - tart rhubarb, sweet strawberry
strawberry shortcake - cake, sliced strawberry, whipped cream
sugar sugar - sugar cookies with caramelized sugar crystals
sweater weather type - sage, juniper berry, eucalyptus, woods
the princess & the pea - strawberry, pink sugar, vanilla
the red room - two oatmeal cookies sandwiched together with fluffy vanilla creme
the seven - zucchini brickle, buttercream crunch
the sorcerer's apprentice - strawberry cake, cotton candy frosting
thelma & louise - vanilla wafers, pear-infused marshmallow fluff
tide botanical rain - smells just like the laundry soap
tin man - camphor, peppermint, spearmint, menthol, eucalyptus
trick 'r treat - sherbet, taffy, vanilla
tropic tan - suntan oil, honeysuckle, light fruits
vanilla birch - white birch, citrus, vanilla sandalwood
vanilla chestnut - chestnut, vanilla cream, soft woods
vanilla smoothie - the creamiest vanilla smoothie
velvet underground - baked cookies, waffle cone, palo santo
very valentino - palo santo, creamy pistachio
voldemort - driftwood, vetiver, coconut
watermelon candy - watermelon hard candies
wes craven - vanilla cupcake, orange glaze, mallow whip
wild berry mousse - whipped mousse, fresh berries
wild currant sandalwood - berries, fig, currant, sandalwood
wrong turn - strawberry, watermelon
yennefer - green grasses, violet blossoms

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